Youceff is me, I’m Youceff. Sometimes I make music, sometimes I make websites. I used to release music as YUS, and changed my artist name to Youceff Kabal in early 2015 in a reach for authenticity. It was a big risk to take, as most artists never change their artist name, but something that I felt compelled to do.

Over the last year or so (much of 2017 and all of 2018) however, I’d been contemplating changing back to YUS, because ultimately that is who I am musically, that’s what I released my first album under as a 20 year old kid, and its just got a ring to it. I’ve also longed for a place where I could express other sides of my person, such as my writing, thoughts, non-musical artistic endeavors, and other things that escape me as I write this.

I therefore came to the conclusion in summer 2018, with much help and guidance from forces greater than all of us, that I needed to switch back to YUS musically, and develop who I was independently from that. So yeah, YUS is gonna be for my music, or at least a part of my music (I may expand my musical endeavors in other bands or under other monikers).

Youceff Kabal is simply me, free thinker, web person, economics enthusiast, sports enthusiast, and all around right dude here. I want this website to be a place where I can express who I am as a whole, and organize it for others who may have an interest in learning about me. And perhaps, when the time does come for me to leave this earth, at least I will have this to speak about who I am, who I was, and the things that sparked my interest. This is not to say I envision my death to come any time soon, but it is something that will come ultimately, and that I am ok with.

I hope this brief overview of who I am helped shine a small light on my character if you know nothing of me, it certainly felt good to write, and it feels good to have finally been able to untangle all the thoughts I had about this over the last year.

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