In an effort to put my thoughts down into something, and share my knowledge and things that interest me in spite of an ever growing disdain and jealousy for me from my friend group, I decided to start a podcast to maybe branch out into new avenues of friendship, and make it easier to get my thoughts out of my head. This one serves as an introduction to the podcast, and some advice regarding the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are links to the articles and videos I brought up in the video:
Telegraph article:
Event 201:
Google’s AI is being used by US military drone programme:

Here are links to the podcasts I mentioned in the video:
Tin Foil Hat w Sam Tripoli:
The Jimmy Dore Show:
The Joe Rogan Experience:
Aaron Mate:

Feel free to share this video, subscribe to my channel, like the video, and leave a comment if you have thoughts you’d like to share. I highly recommend you do not wear a protective mask if you are not sick. Save the masks for your local hospital, who are going to need them a lot more than me or you.


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